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Unparalleled Precision

We make cool goods

Industrial ∙ Commercial ∙ Artisan

Artisan expertise. Local crew.

At Lajy Welding, we don’t just weld together metals — we bond customers with their unique and customizable projects, both big and small, with unparalleled precision.

Based out of Milton, Ontario since 2014, our area of expertise is our craftsmanship in fabrication. Our passion is fusing our skills with artisan products that make our customers proud. We use the finest and most innovative approach to precision lasering, working with clients to produce their own creations, each and every time.

Our dedicated crew behind Lajy — bring their fabrication craft to both industrial clients and residential homeowners across the country. Our creative team — fusing the crew’s trade with their creative passion, combining their love of family tokens with metal art and laser engraved cool goods.

“Nothing is more gratifying than seeing the pride our customers have when they uncover their personalized treasures.”

We take pride in everything that we do — meticulously designed, using quality materials, and precise detail.

We expertly craft custom metal art for your home or business.

Our most popular & best sellers

Custom Metal Products

We are a full service custom metal fabricator specializing in the design, engineering, prototyping, and repair for commercial and industrial metal products. We offer home decor, gifts and unique artisan-style items with unparalleled precision and high quality finishing.


CNC fiber laser & plasma cutting


Welding & Assembly


Forming, Shearing & Finishing


In-Shop repairs

Laser Technology
What’s the difference?

Lajy Welding specializes in high-quality and precision laser cutting using our Ermakson Raptor Fiber Laser Cutter.  Laser cutting is a precise thermal cutting process utilizing a focused beam of light that will cut with precision and excellent edge quality.

This powerful fiber laser cutter can cut a wide variety of materials which include mild steel up  to 3/4", stainless steel up to 1/2", aluminum up to 3/8", copper and brass up to 1/8".  It also has a tighter tolerance of .002 inches making it ideal for precision cutting or parts that have intricate notching.

It produces high volume at high speed without compromising quality.  This allows Lajy Welding to explore extreme levels of creativity and innovation of cool goods.

Fully Custom Design Services

What’s in a name? We know the special feeling - that feeling of pride, humility, honour, and love people feel when their name is permanently etched and displayed. Names are important and we have been working with customers to bring their names to life since 2014.

What does your business say about you? We work with clients across all sectors to create customized designs that will make your customers smile and your business proud.

ask about our custom design services